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Roadshow opening

Ewa Lis-Jezak
Regional Director, & MD - Poland & The Baltic States, IDC CEMA

Business Security: Risk and Resilience

Mark Child
Research Manager, European Security, IDC CEMA

Technology is just one component of how we secure our organizations. People, processes, policies, and governance are all crucial too, to protect the data assets that confer value on digital businesses. In short, security cannot be separated as a technology issue – it is an intrinsic part of the business. Security needs to be considered in terms of risk: What operational impact will a cyberattack have? Could a data breach undermine our digital business strategy? What about compliance and reputational risk? Only through assessing risk can we make appropriate decisions regarding security strategy. A key focus of that strategy should be developing Cyber Resilience - the ability to recover systems and regain operational capability in spite of cyber attacks. Building a resilient organization, on the basis of risk-based security strategy, is fundamental to successful digital business.


Estonian perspective on cyber security challenges

Martin Roger
Ambassador of Estonia in Poland


  • Digital nation of Estonia; its components and trust as a base
  • 3rd edition of cybersecurity strategy for Estonia
  • Cyber diplomacy



The Challenge of Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Łukasz Bromirski
Chief Technology Director, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Panel discussion: Cybersecurity - a national challenge?

Tomasz Wlaź
Naczelnik Wydziału Krajowego Systemu Cyberbezpieczeństwa
Krzysztof Liedel
Head of Information Analysis Institute, Collegium Civitas
Mirosław Maj
Fundacja Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń
Ireneusz Piecuch
Managing Partner, IMP Law Firm
Artur Piechocki
Managing Partner, APLAW
Barbara Sztokfisz
Research Fellow, The Kosciuszko Institute

How to Protect Critical Infrastructure in Business?

Wiktor Markiewicz
Senior Research Analyst, Poland and Baltics, IDC Poland
Michał Nieżurawski
Head of Global IT Security Competence Center, DB Schenker

Coffee Break & 1-2-1 meetings


The best defense is...resiliency

Wiktor Markiewicz
Senior Research Analyst, Poland and Baltics, IDC Poland

Using technologies necessary for dynamic and secure business development in a multi-cloud environment

Jolanta Malak
Regional Sales Director, Fortinet

Panel discussion: From crisis to success. Are you crisis-ready?

Adam Rafajeński
ICT Security Director, Bank Pekao S.A.
Michał Nieżurawski
Head of Global IT Security Competence Center, DB Schenker
Tomasz Wodziński
President of the Board, ISSA Polska
Piotr Stecz
Chief Information Security Officer, Adamed

A New Era of Cyber Threats: The Shift to Self Learning, Self Defending Networks

Roxana Dascalu
Country Manager, Romania & Regional Account Manager, CEE, Darktrace

This presentation will demonstrate how to leverage Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform to defend against advanced, never-seen-before cyber-threats. The advent of new immune system technologies enables organizations and their security teams to defend against and respond to emerging threats and achieve 100% visibility of the entire business including cloud, network and IoT environments.


Are employees the weakest link in the information security chain?

Piotr Stecz
Chief Information Security Officer, Adamed

How to communicate effectively and engage with Non-Techies?

Piotr Pobereźny
Senior Security Solution Architect, QUALYS

Managing Vendor Risk Under the GDPR

Ryan Manyika
Implementation Consultant, OneTrust

Managing third-party vendor risk before, during and after on-boarding is a continuous effort under global privacy laws and security regulations. While outsourcing operations to vendors can alleviate business challenges, managing the associated risk with manual tools like spreadsheets is complex and time consuming. To streamline this process, organizations must put procedures in place to secure sufficient vendor guarantees and effectively work together during an audit, incident – or much more. In this session, we'll breakdown a six-step approach for automating third-party vendor risk management and explore helpful tips and real-world practical advice to automate third-party privacy and security risk programs.


IDC Connect Session (Parallel Sessions)

Connect Table 1

14:05 - 14:50

Securing the modern hybrid infrastructure

Connect Table 2

14:05 - 14:50

Cyber Resilience

Connect Table 3

14:05 - 14:50

Is VM really essential to your organization?

Connect Table 4

14:05 - 14:50

Integrated architecture vs best of breed

Connect Table 5

14:05 - 14:40

Public cloud as the motor of digital transformation


Lunch & networking


How secure is modern society?

Wiktor Markiewicz
Senior Research Analyst, Poland and Baltics, IDC Poland

Protect a Cyber-Fortress

Mirosław Maj
Fundacja Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń

Imagine, you are the management team responsible for cyber security in a medium-sized bank, manufacturing company, telecommunications company or other organization that randomly manages. A budget of PLN 1 million has been received, and in your opinion is the decision to purchase and implement collateral from three groups: organizational, legal and technical. The game is played in two phases: prevention and reaction. In the prevention stage, your scenarios covered by scoring and preparing the organization for cyberattack. At the stage of reaction to a random cyberattack scenario, the opportunity to develop a new organization was received. Points from both phases included are added together and the winning team will be selected on their basis. What scenarios should the organization prepare for? What safeguards are the best? What experience do Polish CSOs combine, and what do they share? We will soon find out who will protect the Cyber Fortress.


How to determine a root cause with two clicks?

Mateusz Flak
Cyber Security Sales Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Human nature - the biggest challenge in security

Adam Haertle

Today, people are the most common targets for web-based attacks. Despite many efforts in the field of education, these attacks are still extremely effective. Will we ever be able to eliminate this threat? Or maybe at the root of the phenomenon is the unchangeable aspect of human nature? How can we defend users even sometimes against themselves? We will look for answers to these questions together.


Roadshow summary


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